Camp Roberts Historical Museum






I would like to become a member of the Camp Roberts Historical Museum Foundation and help to preserve the legacy of Camp Roberts and the soldiers who have served there.


NOTE:  Please complete this form, check the type of membership you desire below, and send this completed application, along with a check for the appropriate amount, to:


Camp Roberts Historical Museum

Building 114

Camp Roberts, CA  93451-5000


NAME: ___________________________________________                                     


ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________                                   


TELEPHONE:   ______________________                              EMAIL:  ___________________________




Individual Membership                                                                   ($15 per year)                                    


Family Membership                                                                        ($25 per year)                                    


Annual Corporate Membership **                                                  ($200 per year)                                    




Individual Life Member                                                                   ($100)                                                      


Group Life Membership *                                                               ($200)                                                      


Individual or Group Life Patron *                                                   ($500)                                                      


Corporate Life Membership **                                                       ($1,000)                                    


All members will receive a membership card and a subscription to the museum’s Bugle Call newsletter.  Your email address will NOT be shared with anyone else, but it will allow us to email you the Bugle Call in color and keep you informed.   The names of Life Patrons and Corporate Life Members will be inscribed on a large plaque displayed prominently in the Camp Roberts Museum.  All Life Members receive a special certificate.  All Life Patron Members and Life Corporate Members will receive a special individual plaque.  * The definition of “group” in this sense is a civic or business club, fraternal or military/veterans organization, or reenactment group.  ** The definition of “corporation” or “corporate” in this sense applies to a licensed for-profit business or corporation.